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I have them. They are awesome. Mind you, I don't race/track. I daily commute and aggressively canyon ride. For me, the downside of stock pegs, is that, over long hauls, it gets tiring having my feet be subjected to 'balancing/pivoting' on the rounded surface of the stock peg. So much so, that my legs would start shaking over long hauls (cold weather was a factor as well). With the Rizoma 'Street' Pegs, I feel so much more 'grounded, planted, stable', especially when riding aggressively. For me personally, I didn't know how much I was missing. It also helps me tuck my legs/knees better into the cutouts and hold a comfortable position when both daily riding and/or riding aggressively. So far, no downsides for me. I just thought I'd throw it out there. And obviously, you can adjust the angle for infinite positions. The pegs look good. Just about the right width. Thought I'd share.


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