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SBK exhaust system fit

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I was wondering if anyone knew if this exhaust from Malasia would fit the US spec version of 959 Panigale. Here is the link:

I sent them a message on instagram saying US spec are underbelly and Euro is the shot gun style, and they said they have sold it to people in Cali and that the exhaust fits since the connecting point to the bike's incoming pipe is the same. I wonder if that is true?? Do i need to modify the fairings? Anyone?
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Not sure but I think it’s the style of end can. One is slash cut and the other cut normally at 90°, with mesh over the end, maybe...
Looking to get the Euro SBK SP1 for my US 959, reached out to SBK and they stated I would have to remove the servo motor and flash the ecu.

Has anyone had to do that after installing?

And would my bike be ok if I installed the exhaust and not remove the servo motor and flash it?
The servo motor might be in the way of the pipe do to the design of how it wraps around the front of the oil pan.
Just saw this photo on their IG page today. Looks like these might be our exhausts.

I e-mailed SBK when I placed an order for the GP1 exhaust a couple of days ago and they told me to specify whether I have the US or Euro spec bike. I replied that I have the Euro spec exhaust and was informed that the GP1 is “100% compatible” out of the box with the Euro spec.

The main difference between the US and Euro version with regards to installing a de-cat exhaust is the center/mid y-pipe. One has a male end and the other a female end. I converted my US center pipe to the Euro version a couple of years ago to install a Euro spec Arrow exhaust. The Euro pipe cost me $300usd after tax and shipping.

I’ll post an update after I attempt installation. Good luck!
Which Arrow can did you replace with this? I'm thinking of converting my US spec to the Euro style. I currently have the SBK (Now Revok) SP-1 in my posession, unmounted. But, the Arrow Pro Race Nicrom with a Termignoni midpipe seems more appealing. Unsure if I need the Y-pipe you speak of for this combination.
Hi, I’m curious if you were able to get this to fit on your US Spec Ducati without a Y pipe from another region? Will this work on our Us bikes ?
Hi, I’m curious if you were able to get this to fit on your US Spec Ducati without a Y pipe from another region? Will this work on our Us bikes ?
It'll work on a US bike. The fitment isn't great. I feel like the midpipe could be elongated a bit so it's not rubbing on the oil pan, and it will definitely melt the black plastic underbelly even with heat shield. The db level is obnoxious, so I installed a custom db killer from Pipewerx. I've only had it on for about a week. I do prefer it over the stock exhaust. But, I'm still thinking the Termignoni midpipe and Arrow race can would be better. That setup would require the Euro y-pipe judging by the photos, and a exhaust hanger that replaces the passenger footpegs.

I also found the Euro style lower fairings to hide most of the midpipe. Not an exact fit either. But it looks much better.
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