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Flustered by all the wires I used to record HD audio using a dedicated Zoom H1 recorder and a high quality lapel mic mounted into my helmet, I decided to purchase the Sena 20s bluetooth audio headset and a Sena Prism action camera.

I have a GoPro Hero 4 Session which records in 1080p 60 frames per second. Able to go to 120 frames per second on 720 I believe. This hero 4 session has a wider viewing angle and records in higher quality than the Sena Prism camera. I was disappointed that I'd be using a Sena Prism instead of the GoPro until I made the stupid realization that I can keep the prism in a backpack and record audio while still using my GoPro to record video. Genius I thought, so I changed my mind of using my GoPro as an auxiliary camera to using my prism as the auxiliary camera (rear camera), but still using it for its HD audio with the active noise cancellation for wind noise on the sena 20s.

And before anyone says anything, I do know that Sena makes a GoPro audio pack. But it doesn't fit hero 4 sessions.

Here are some photos of where I decided to mount it, with and without the waterproof case. Probably a bad place because of dirt and debris, but seemed like a good idea at the time.

Prism Camera Placement on 959 Panigale - Album on Imgur

Sample images taken from the above album:


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Cool. Is this only for on track? I'm curious if you would get hassled by police for blocking the license plate...
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