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Shop Issue

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Ran into a situation where I am having routine warranty repair work done and the shop is saying the only tech that can work on the bike is on "unplanned" vacation for 3 weeks.

Without boring details, have a repair that is approved for warranty and a simple job. After the shop rushed me to get the bike in I was told the only person who can work on it will now be out for another 3 weeks. Not a medical emergency or anything along those lines. Had I known this prior I simply would have gone to another shop no issue.

Questions are as follows:

For warranty repair, is there a difference between certified dealer and a single certified mechanic? Is it likely that this shop (that deals with many manufacturers) only has one person who can legally do the work. As mentioned this is a simple job and should not require any above and beyond training. Does Ducati mandate a person who has a specific certificate from them do the repair?

If I were to take the bike elsewhere should I expect any issues from Ducati warranty approving the claim from a different shop? I do not care about the current shop, it seems they are trying to pull a fast one and get my bike in and effectively hold it hostage because they know I would have just gone elsewhere had I know the wait.

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Any Ducati dealer should be able to take care of warranty work. What is the work being done?
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