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Suddenry the engine shut down

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Hello friends.
I am posting from Japan.
I bought a Panigare V2 from the dealer that ran about 200 miles, and when I was driving the next day, the engine started knocking about 10 minutes after I started running, and the engine stopped immediately. Even if I starts the engine immediately, the engine immediately shuts off. After about 30 minutes, I started the engine, heard a metal scraping sound coming from the front of the engine, and immediately shut it down. On the display only keeps the oil pressure light on and nothing else out of the ordinary. What kind of failure can be assumed? Please give me advices.
Best regards
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Sounds like a bearing failure on either the crank or the rods. If under warranty a new engine will likely be given to you.
Thank you for your reply.
Her bearings of cranks and connecting rods can break that's a serious malfunction,isn't it? Is it a common failure on panigale V2 engines? Either way she's still under warranty so I'll check with the dealer to see if the engine itself can be replaced.
Yes, if it is the bearings it is a catastrophic failure. Not a common failure at all.
Thank you for the additional explanation.
I can imagine bearing failure is very serious.
Now i'm just only waiting fixed her by the Ducati warranty .
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