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Ran Summit Point's main circuit for the first time on Monday. A bit cold in the am with a lot of people low siding, then someone repeatedly dumped oil on the track (on the line!!!) which allowed only one real session that I almost found a rhythm in.

First, the front straight is seriously long, @2900ft! This will test your attachments, I was popping up and backing off about 75m before the brake markers.

There are a lot of woods around the edges of the runoff that makes the track feel a bit claustrophobic, it definitely reduced my speed on some of the fast turns like 1 and 10.

The kink labeled turn 2 is a blast, still hanging off the side out of 1 and accelerating hard to 3 was one of my favorite turns. Flat curbing through the entrance and exit of 3 had me cheating closer and closer to the edge each lap.

The stadium 4-7 was ok, knee down potential, but lining up 7 and 8 to nail 9 was my second favorite sequence.

The track itself had a lot of repair work but none of it upset the bike, decent traction throughout.

First time grouped with Team Promotion. Coaches were a good bunch of guys and the owner Glen was very personable. Overall a good day but a 6 hour drive was a bit tough on the *** on the way home. NYST and NJMP (both tracks) on deck over the next two months, so glad winter is over!

Lastly, I used my new Acebikes rear tire tie down, worked like a charm. Very stable for the 700 mile round trip with no issues in rain or shine. I would recommend one if you are looking for an easy solution with no front fork compression. (My fork tie downs had almost zero tension, just there as a safety net.)


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