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I have loaded up some maps, and some trims. The changes are very noticeable on my 2017 959. Cruise control works like a charm. I have it loaded with the trims that come with the software, I'm looking for trims that someone has done for the stock exhaust, or someone willing to explain a few things.

1. How in the **** do you reset the oil service light. I click it, but nothing. I have read that V6 does not have the capability.

2. Does auto-tune work with the stock bike, or do you HAVE to have the sensors from Tuneboy?

3. Where's all the trims man?

Look out for a fellow Ducati newbie, so far this is what I've done, done myself, no help except you guys in forums, and videos. My first bike, first time on all of this stuff.

NRC Mirror Indicator block offs
Competition Werkes Integrated Taillights
Ducati Performance Barends
CRG Hindsight LS Mirror
Philips Diamond Vision Ultimate White
TWM GP Style Adjustable and Folding shorty Levers
Rizoma LUX billet fly by wire Grips
Rizoma B Pro driver and passenger foot pegs
Rizoma Swingarm spools
Ducati driver and passenger comfort seat
Ducati Corse sticker kit
Zero Gravity Double Bubble smoked
Scorpio I-900 Alarm with proximity and engine cutoff
Escort XI with hardwire smartcord and Escort Live
Ducati battery maintainer with SAE terminal with additional SAE terminal under passenger seat
T-Rex front and rear axle sliders
Ducabike clear clutch cover
Ducabike Clutch pressure Plate
Ducabike Clutch Pressure Plate Ring
Ducati Performance Fluid Reservoirs
Ducati Performance Bar Ends
Ducati Performance race seat
Ducati Performance Fuel tank quick release
Ducati Performance Clutch Cover Protector
Ducabike Clip On Handlebars
Exhaust Servo Eliminated
CNC Frame Plugs
Titanium Bolt Kit for Fairings, Triple Clamps
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