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Hi all,
I'm picking up my first Ducati next week so it makes sense to join you lot.

It's an '18 Corse with 2500 km (1550 miles) on it. As far as I know, nothing has been done to it besides some cosmetics.
I've read about the dip(s) caused by the exhaust/inlet valves which is less desirable, but I guess not that big of a deal.
My main concern is with the cat and the twin silencers on the side. I like twins and the rumble they make. My old Aprilia dwells in the garage, waiting to be replaced - it's a loud and fruity boomer of a twin. I will miss it.
Top of my list is getting an unrestricted under belly exhaust that doesn't cost me a kidney.

So, what do you seasoned experts say I should do to make it sound and go right?

Happy for any input - thanks!

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First things I would do:
1.get suspension setup to you.
2.throttle spacer install.
3.ebc HH pads and possibly a 19rcs master cylinder ( the brakes and lever feel are the weak point of the 959 I think )
4.remove servo motor and pop servo eliminator in.
5.remove collector box pop in a decat link pipe and throw on a decent end can.
6. Install rapid bike Evo

7.get on the jizz machine and have a good time

8.dont tell the wife how much you just spent on your pasta rocket (y) 馃コ

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I guess that would depend on what you plan on doing. Are you only on the street or race track? Mine is only a track bike so all the street stuff is completely removed. In doing this I save over 50 lbs. Hard to believe all that stuff is heavy. The biggest weight gain is the under belly exhaust I removed that huge cat and installed a side can. Bike sounds awesome. The only issue in doing that is the noise level is 109 DB, the sound is magic. The Brembo race pads work great a little pricey but worth it. My bike went with the race brembo rotors and pads the gold ones. Add some under seat insulation for the street it will roast your nuts. No issue on the track since you never slow down below 70 mph. Just my 2 cents ENJOY!!

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Thanks all, very good input.
I'm an ex racer but this bike will not see the track.
Heat insulation under the seat seems to be a must.
I'm curious about your silencer setup, what parts did you use and what changes to electronics was needed?

I also agree that there's not much feel in the front brake. I've used ISR parts previously and I love them.
I didn't find the throttle jerky, but then I've only ridden it home from the dealer, 20 km, in wet mode.

I got the bike two days ago and it's been snowing after that. Really longing for some nice weather now.

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Snow tires might help

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1) get the suspension set for you and tyre pressure set for you and suspension.
2) throttle spacers
3) mwr air filter high effiency
4) Ducati performance seat.
5) funk motor sports makes gold heat tape use that only on the back of the plastic heads on the sides of your bike. This will take care of your heat. I have spent lot of time in Las Vegas across the pond and experimented with heat. The heat shield kits and gold tape over everything makes it worse. Since your exhaust is on the side your fine. I ended up using the tape on my heal guards, cylinder heads, license plate frame holder. That鈥檚 it. You may want a guard for your clutch.
6) have your coolant flushed and replace with engine ice! Also helps with heat/cold.
7) I recommend the Dunlop Q 3 plus tyres. I hated my stock ones. If you have access use nitrogen only in your tyres. Much better!
8) replace your mirrors sell your stock ones or keep them.

after your brake in period done get use to your awesome bike. I recommend the Motul chain spray and grease ninja to apply it. The under belly exhaust just get it tuned. I never up graded my exhaust to pricy IMO.I love the sound. The gains from the MWR air filter exceed the exhaust. Because MWR is the only one that addressed the flaw in the air box design.
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