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So I was super pumped to take my first ride of the year this morning on my way to work. Only 38 degrees out but gosh darnit it's time. Geared up, bike warmed up, backed out of the garage, squeezed clutch to put it in gear... and it was more limp than... well you know.

So I obviously need to bleed the clutch system. Problem is I cant seem to locate any Shell Advance DOT 4 brake fluid anywhere. I want to get it done tomorrow and ride since it is supposed to be gorgeous out. I have easy access at work to BG ultra dry flushing formula DOT 4. I can maybe find some Castrol DOT 4 at a local parts store later today.

While I'm at it I figured I might as well flush the brake fluid since the bike is now two years old with a few track days on it.

If you were me would you roll with one of these two or would you wait until next week after getting Motul in the mail.

Keep in mind I ride at Road America and coming into turn 1 from the front straight I hit the brakes at about 160mph (indicated).
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