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So many perks that make its $5k price tag easy to absorb:

I've only put about 20 miles on it after I did the install but my first impression is....WOW!!!! Rev's even faster, smoother Mid-Range, torque really comes on and is noticable sooner. I did a (low RPM) 2nd gear roll-on wheelie with almost no effort...and third gear seems to be the most effected with huge gain in power from 6K up to rev limit.

I know $5K for an exhaust... Well I learned long ago that Ducati's need to breath and the stock exhaust system doesn't allow that to happen so my answer to this is don't buy a Ducati unless you can afford to put an exhaust on it. Just my opinion not the bible.

Ohh and the fact that you lose a ton of weight over the stock exhaust is another great reason to "Pony Up" for the Akro!

More to come after I get some real miles to test the performance... Cheers!

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For all those who've purchased the akra cans what is the model/serial number on the side of the cans

Thank you

360turbo, Akra doesn't put the model /serial number on the side of the cans. But the numbers are:

S DU Panigale 1204 EVO 15 OEM Stari HS
SAP Code: 119668
Code No: S-D12E3-TD
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